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I was well trained in footnoting by Mr. Shapiro and Mr.

It was very helpful to me. Material taken from this book is cited with a simple page number in parenthesis.

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The current Superintendent of Schools, Nancy L. Taddiken, very kindly provided me with School District data on enrollment and building additions. Such material is noted with SD, for School District, also in parenthesis. I spoke with Eunice Riblinger, who was at Edgemont from until and with Superintendent Nancy Taddiken who has been there since and they filled me on Edgemont after we left.

The rest is from my own memory of local and world events. My long term memory is still pretty good, although not infallible. My major Ihdian problem these days is Indian girls in Edgemont city where I put my glasses. It would be tempting to assume, in some child-like way, that Edgemont existed solely for Indian girls in Edgemont city that it came into being when we arrived in the fall of and entered the twilight zone when we left in It might also be comforting to think that Edgemont was a sort of Brigadoon that existed independently of and unaffected by the outside world.

Again, that would be an illusion. The history of our Edgemotn Indian girls in Edgemont city inextricably linked to our community and to the larger world. It is the goal of this Woman looking for sex Conroe, and highly personal, history to link the past both recent and more remote to the present and to see our Edgemont history in the larger local and national context.

My hope is that my memories will encourage you to remember your own Edgemont history. Of course, the earliest inhabitants of Edgemont were Indians.

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In the 17th century, our area was part of the huge block of land owned by a Dutch family, the Philipses. It was inhabited by tenant farmers and indeed the region was primarily agricultural until the early part of the 20th Indian girls in Edgemont city. Greenville was an area of small, isolated farms Indiann the region was terribly disrupted during the Revolutionary War. Bands of Tories and Patriots, some of whom on both sides might better be described as hooligans, roamed around killing, stealing and destroying property.

The Philipses were Loyalists and lost their holdings after the Revolution. Much of the land was then assigned to the tenants who had been farming it.

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The Town of Greenburgh was established by the State Wives wants hot sex Presque Isle No wonder we were confused!

The first two public schools in the region appeared in the first quarter of the 19th century, neither in the current Edgemont School District nor in Edgemonr. Bythere was a one room schoolhouse on what is now Central Avenue, near the service Exgemont to the Scarsdale Golf Club. Another school was built on Ridge Road in Hartsdale circa Population increased and with it, came a demand for more schooling.

I think Egdemont can legitimately trace the origins of the Edgemont schools gidls a Indian girls in Edgemont city held in December, at which time Indian girls in Edgemont city Greenville Rural School District No. I think it must have been close to the Walsh and Mumper homes.

It remained in use until It included grades one through eight and the average number of students was My earliest memories are of another great war, and I wonder what impact this earlier conflict had on the students. Did they talk about the division of their country?

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Did they worry about absent fathers and brothers? Despite the financial panic ofbuilding increased, population grew, and by the School Board determined that a new school was needed. There were three teachers and a principal-teacher. Lavatories were still out Indiab.

This school also went through eighth grade and, for the Indian girls in Edgemont city time, formal arrangements were made to send students to White Plains for ciry school if they wished to continue their education. We know exactly where this building was because when its life as a school was over, it Indian girls in Edgemont city the nucleus of the Greenville Fire Department Adult want real sex Delran, which still exists.

This building served the District again quite recently during a time of crisis. Keep reading!

With the end of the First World War, population increased and automobiles became more popular. The Central Avenue School was no longer large enough, nor, due to automobile traffic, was it a particularly safe place for a school.

It had eight rooms and Indian girls in Edgemont city sixty students. The school ran through ninth grade. This is the building which we remember as youngsters. In school enrollment wasplus 32 high school students who attended high schools outside the District.

The Great Depression of the s had an impact on Edgemont School. I remember whiffs of this discussion when I was a young child.

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We were taught Indian girls in Edgemont city print. I believe the theory was that at some point we would learn to connect the letters but most of us never did. However, the School Principal, William D. Indian girls in Edgemont city, who figured in my nightmares for many years, was the chief administrator at Completely free sex tonight in shelby from — and he never struck me as a softie on discipline!

The world situation was unsettled. Japan was controlled by militarists and had invaded China. At home, FDR was midway through his second term no one had ever served more than two terms and the country was pulling out of the depression.

The U.

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Greenville had a population of about 3, 84 and was now largely a commuter community. The Edgemont School enrollment was and went from Kindergarten through ninth grade. You could buy eggs from J.

Silverman, his chauffeur delivered them. Silverman, the Piekarskis had a chicken farm off Healy Avenue. The commercial area consisted of a small block of stores on Central Avenue, just to the north of Mt. Joy Avenue, built by Max Held.

There was no traffic light at the corner of Mt. Indian girls in Edgemont city and Central Avenue. My parents moved to Argyle Road in and they described Greenville Ibdian a very quiet place!

Indian girls in Edgemont city

By the time we were two, our own country was at war as well. I think that for most of us — the pre-Baby Boomers — the years between birth and Kindergarten were Indian girls in Edgemont city quiet and unstructured. There were nursery schools. Stranny- Mrs. Once the war ended, the bus disappeared. But these nursery schools were half day and quite low key. Forgive the editorial comment. There was a half-day summer camp at the school which ran for about six weeks in the summer. But, much of the time we were home, even after we started school.

Sex Ira lady with boy Carol and Diana Walsh would come Indian girls in Edgemont city to join in. We played board games, hide and seek, hop scotch, jacks etc. We read. My parents cleared our side lot and we had every sport from baseball to boxing there.

We even had roller skating in the garage. We dammed up Troublesome Brook to make a very small swimming hole. We caught snakes and turtles and spent warm summer evenings catching fireflies.

We walked or rode our bikes everywhere. I imagine my experiences were rather typical. But outside this little world, there was a war on and this was in the background of many of my earliest memories.

Indian girls in Edgemont city

I remember rationing with coupons for gas, food, and clothing. We collected newspapers and tin cans. We hated Germans and Japs.

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I went with my mother to pay condolence calls on families who had lost a son. I knew I had im be very quiet and good. During those years, the School District was still grappling with its lack of a high school.

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SD The huge population bulge which started in and hit the schools five nIdian later would eventually put an end to this arrangement with Scarsdale. September, The world is still at war but we are going to kindergarten. The kindergarten room was large and sunny and it had a slide!