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Personally, I have come to find out and conclude that male hetero-sexual submissives are not allowed to be themselves in Maleefmale community. Because apparently, society as a whole, Malefemale for submissive the BDSM culture at large, have made it so these men cannot come out of the proverbial closet to be themselves in the BDSM culture.

What is the reasoning for this? For shame, people, for shame. And people say here say that they are open minded within the BDSM community….

Malefemale for submissive is a legitimate reason why? So, now I ask the community as a whole…please tell me, please explain to me, with a mature and logical argument why submissive hetero-sexual males are not accepted in BDSM culture.

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If there is no reason, then people need to re-examine their beliefs and themelves, for their hypocricies. And I say that with Malefemale for submissive nicest of intentions and with usbmissive sweetest of smiles, of course….

They look for women who will 'wear the trousers' in their household. Submissive men are attracted to strong and confident women who likewise. People have different preferences when it comes to sex. Some men like to be the dominant type, while others like to be submissive and let the woman take over. Here it's the woman who's dominant (or the aggressor) and the male who's portrayed as submissive and sexually exploited or abused. Ogas and Gaddam ask.

So I ask, so what, if a male subimssive has emotions where they want to express themselves to their Dominant female? Malefemale for submissive what if a male wants to submit to a female?

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Who are you Malefemale for submissive judge? So what, if they like to be beaten? You like to beat your submissive too. So what, if male submissives want to talk about things that most males cannot talk about, but females can?

So what, if they…so on and so forth… Who are you to judge? You do things against societal norms as well. You do things that break the law as well.

You do things that go against moral codes as well. As a matter of fact, I believe male hetero-sexual submissives are stronger than most because they are Malefemale for submissive to admit to themselves within this society that they are what they are, going against the grain.

So the next time someone wants to say a male submissive is a pansy…maybe they should really look within because the fact is, that Malefemale for submissive would never be able to handle that reality themselves…. I submjssive go on…but I think I have made my points very clear…. In my opinion, the Malefemale for submissive mis-judged female…. You ignorant, self-absorbed, egotistical, oxygen thief.

And you wonder why FemDoms are always submissive off and take offense Malefemale for submissive and at most male Dominants? You wonder why most FemDoms get ready to do battle when a male Dom when they walk into the room?

Once again, if you looked outside of the social and societal norms of what you were raised with, maybe, just maybe, you would see that we, just like you; have our own preferences.

Malefemale for submissive guess what?

How would you like it, if every FemDom you met said the same to Malefemale for submissive every first meeting you had with them? Now you know how we as Female Dominants feel.

The best and most safe way is to find and attend “munches” organised by the BDSM community in your vicinity. Munches are low key gatherings in a non- BDSM. Series. Brother Teach Me. 3 primary works • 3 total works. Series. Slut Story. 2 primary works • 2 total works. Series. BDSM Male Domination Female Submission. Here it's the woman who's dominant (or the aggressor) and the male who's portrayed as submissive and sexually exploited or abused. Ogas and Gaddam ask.

Not every FemDom is a paid Dominatrix!!! Just as the male hetero-sexual submissives are often, misunderstood, so often to are the Female Dominants; especially ones who are NOT dominatrixes.

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