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Old sluts from Minot North Dakota

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My old boss used to go hunting in North Dakota. His standard joke was, "When the women up there start looking good, it's time to come home. The guys look like dorks.

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And it looks like you'd need a lot of drinks to get through Okd Dakota. I love project diversity LOL. A white gal, a chink, and a colored. What a strange ad on so many levels.

A very generic downtown restaurant and street scene that could be found in Horny local cougar in phx every city in the US, combined with 3 very ordinary and generic pudgy girls who may or may not be streetwalkers. Unless the caption was "North Dakota, where you can put a church dress on our prostitutes and take them home to mother," I do not get the point. I actually went to the link on the ad thinking it can't be real If there is Mknot Public Relations work to be had Mijot North Dakota, even a 10th Old sluts from Minot North Dakota professional in a normal Old sluts from Minot North Dakota could clean up there.

Rushmore, but what's in North Dakota? It's flat with wheat, right?

I Am Ready Sex Meet Old sluts from Minot North Dakota

We just drove cross country through North Dakota and these three women are smoking hot compared to the average ND female.

Of course that makes the message even stranger considering how corn fed and painfully white the guys are. Trust Old sluts from Minot North Dakota, those three heifers will all get a piece from the two guys. Is there even a point to North Dakota? Do they produce anything?

Let's be honest, they shouldn't even be allowed to vote. I believe they cost the rest of us much more than they actually pay - then they have the nerve to vote Republican; they're not even self-sufficient. They should really be made to live like Republicans. Cut the useless motherfuckers off. Look at those pigs - clearly feeding at the trough. Guess which is which. You may ask no questions through the soundproof glass. You have 3 minutes. Decisions, decisions.

I need to know what is or was in the square bowl on the bar table before making my pronouncement. Old sluts from Minot North Dakota

But they could have vertically stretched the image so those Nortu girls didn't look like Pussy lovers Cle Elum trying to lure hicks out in the street to skin them and eat their thymuses. The guy with the blue shirt and black jacket is a cutie. The Fraus are all gross 30 somethings and look emotionally needy. North Dakota is the Mihot highest oil producing state, and expects to move up the ranks.

We've got more oil under our state than Saudi Arabia. Old sluts from Minot North Dakota Conrad is retiring.

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Thanks to him we may lose control of the Senate next year. He slutts have stayed on. This was not the time to leave. Why are you so tough on ND? This made news here last November. Old sluts from Minot North Dakota admitted it was poorly made. The people in the ad are 'regular' people not models.

In answer to some of the comments.

Santorum made the most appearances here before Nyc filmmaker in town seeks new Minnesota caucus - along with Ron Paul.

He Paul thought he would win as he was set up to have a big reception for his first state win in Fargo that night. ND was up fro, the election Old sluts from Minot North Dakota progressive. On top of that the state has had the lowest unemployment for the last 8 years in the US. All due to the oil froom and agriculture wheat, flax, sunflowers, Old sluts from Minot North Dakota. The boom is causing problems as there isn't housing for all those moving in and no infrastructure.

So we have problems - but, you should be happy we are a state - not trying to get rid of Mlnot. I'll ask again - why is Kent Conrad retiring and risking his seat giving Republicans control of the Senate?

Old sluts from Minot North Dakota

I don't know why he is retiring - I wish he would stay another term. It isn't a sure thing for a Republican take though. The Republican is Rick Berg and he has problems - he just got his congressional seat in - he has voted against agriculture and people have a problem he Old sluts from Minot North Dakota thinks he deserves the seat.

Dakkta Heidi Old sluts from Minot North Dakota is the Democrat - she was the state' attorney general ran for governor but during the campaign discovered cancer and bowed out. She is back now and it is a fight. Democrats will not lose a Senate seat in ND. Heitkamp already has Berg in a total panic. I've heard from people on the inside that Heidi is already polling ahead of Berg.

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He's always been an opportunistic little piece of slime who rode the Tea Party backlash to his Minto seat. He will not advance to the Senate. I learned a lot on this thread! I knew absolutely nothing about ND except the fact that Santorum just won it.

I came onto the thread ready to poke Grahamsville NY housewives personals at it and Old sluts from Minot North Dakota and behold I learn that it's actually a somewhat prosperous and progressive state.

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Thanks, DL! A co-worker of mine is from ND. She is shaped like a giant pear and always talks about her favorite foods being milk, butter, dairy products, mashed potatoes and bread.

She also happens to be pale white with almost translucent blonde hair. White people, white food. R43, I'm not from ND and I don't know what's going on in Kent Conrad's mind, but I can imagine there must be few things less satisfying than spending inordinate amounts of time and energy begging for money, particularly in the current Old sluts from Minot North Dakota Daota corporations and billionaires can outspend even the most effective fundraisers Old sluts from Minot North Dakota the other side.

I believe he announced his retirement from the Senate more than a year ago, so perhaps he wants to focus him remaining time in the Senate to Man seeks mature women for friendship working on the Old sluts from Minot North Dakota business, rather than calling slluts.

And maybe he wants to spend his remaining working life doing something more worthwhile than sitting in a gridlocked Senate. It's true the conventional wisdom now is that Democrats need to hold onto every seat and may even be able to gain a few seats, but at the time Conrad announced his retirement, the elections had just been swept by the Republicans, and everyone believed the elections would be a bloodbath for Democrats and nothing anyone could do would prevent that.

So like Barney Frank and several others, maybe the prospect of a grueling campaign he was certain to lose was enough to make him Nogth he'd had enough and wanted to do something more worthwhile than bickering on Capitol Hill.

I find it hard to believe that someone from N. It doesn't bode well when you can't even conjure up 3 local girls who aren't fat and ugly for a marketing campaign LMAO R I just got done reading the responses and this is one of the first threads that had me in tears in a long time. Yeah, that was really racy!

Sex dating and casual Women want nsa Minot North Dakota

The fact that people complained that it was racy is very telling; ND must be a backwards place. It wasn't North Dakotans specifically who complained that it was too racy. It was people on Facebook and other Internet sites who complained about the ad. Old sluts from Minot North Dakota believe it is misleading to say that "ND was up O,d the election very progressive. Republicans have controlled both chambers of the Legislature since the s and have held the governor's office continuously since Yes Democrats held the three congressional seats for many years.

But Dorgan, Conrad and Pomeroy all came Old sluts from Minot North Dakota age politically in the early '80s when more voters remembered the progressive era. They got reelected because they were good campaigners and brought home the bacon.

Dorgan and Conrad in particular were smart guys who were able to carve out roles on national issues which impressed the small town folks back home.

The state's last three Republican governors have been of the business-establishment: A wealthy businessman, a banker and a wealthy farmer. They've been able to keep state finances basically sound because the state has such a low population and thus relatively small costs in the things Old sluts from Minot North Dakota inflate state budgets - education, social programs, law enforcement etc. And now the oil money has made them really flush.

I'd love to see Heitkamp beat Rick Berg and if any Democrat can, it's her. I lived in the state for a couple years when she was attorney general and he was in the legislature. She always Old sluts from Minot North Dakota sharp while he seemed like a creep. I always found it naturally beautiful, even those flat plains in the east.

Norfh there's a true dearth of diversity, decent culture and interesting restaurants and I don't think I could live there again.

Did I mention Lawrence Welk?

I was forced to watch him with the family on Saturday nights as a kid. Yes, it was torture.