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They are not pets; they are not our friends; they are not objects. No scenario makes private ownership of wild animals reasonable or fair.

Want to be owned Looking Nsa

It Want to be owned ends well for the animals. When I wrote about the Tiger Lady of New JerseyI realized that every possible outcome for her tigers was sad—even sending the animals to a sanctuary that could provide them with better care. There should never have been twenty-seven tigers in suburban New Jersey to begin with.

There will always be vain, obsessive people who want Want to be owned own rare and extraordinary things whatever the cost; there will always be people for whom owning beautiful, Want to be owned animals brings a sense of power and magic. It must be like having a comet in your backyard, a piece of the universe that is dazzling and untouchable Single Soperton Georgia ladies outside your door.

But animals live and die and breed and feel pain and can inflict pain. There is no excuse for any individual to own them, period. There is no constitutional right to own a Bengal tiger.

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Would you want to live Corry pa adult dating door to someone who owned animals Want to be owned could kill you if they just happened slip out of their cages?

The dirty secret of all of this is that zoos, which are always cited as the Want to be owned version of wild-animal ownership, have Wannt accept some of the blame, too.

The surplus animals end up in mostly unregulated auctions where anyone at all can buy them. But we cannot provide the security, happiness and contentment that comes from sharing in a committed loving relationship. For Watn now I feel that being Owned is a sense of commitment. All we have in our relationship is honesty, trust and communication.

What we have is what we say to each other. Right now we have committed to exactly that: Having someone tell you they own you means they want owndd own you. It means they accept you and they are willing and committed to Want to be owned you. There is responsibility in deciding to own someone and the understanding is therefore that they accept and want this commitment.

I feel confident.

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For once I feel like I have purpose. I have a place. I feel like I have a place and a purpose. Relationships are work. They are mutual work and a lot of it.

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But my submission is an opportunity for me to selfishly escape from my life and my work and journey Want to be owned into myself and give me something I want.

My submission is Want to be owned me first and I feel guilty in making that decision, I feel guilty in having someone else fulfill my desires and assist in providing me me — it is a luxury.

Being owned works to eliminate the selfish guilt I feel because being owned means you want this just as much as I do.

It means I am cared for and respected. It means I am loved. It creates in Want to be owned a sense of security and contentment like no other. It allows me to journey into my submission. To face some of the scariest things I have in my closet because it allows me to open my body and my mind to the deepest of vulnerabilities. It allows me to trust, even blindly.

It allows Looking for dates this weekend to ownd that together we will tear each other down and will work to build each other back up.

It means we are committed to us- to communicating and trusting through honesty. It means we say all the hard things and we discuss all the scary things oned.

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It means I have a purpose. This feeling of being owned is directly attributed to the environment my Master has created and the way he makes me feel.

Without him, being owned would not be the same. Because of him I feel confident, safe, and purposeful. Because of him I am content and happen. I feel Want to be owned. Posted by dicks46 on September 5, in Uncategorized.

A Star-Crossed Lover. Very well said.

I feel exactly the same way. Absolutely lovely.

What Does Being Owned Mean To Me? | The Submission Mission

It really is a wonderful feeling, to be owned and feel owned. It truly is amazing! Beautifully said. I love Want to be owned you refer to feeling at home and having a sense of place… Just beautiful. It really is a place of being home. You have some wonderful thoughts here. Of note, I like how you distinguished between Wat feelings of being owned and your feelings of being owned by him in particular.

The goals should Want to be owned be to be owned as much as it is to be owned by the one that is worthy of ownership. Well done.

Want Nsa Sex Want to be owned

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying! There is inheriently certain charateristics about being owned but the dynamic you share really sets it apart. Reblogged this on farawayangel and commented: Reblogged this on georgeforfun and Want to be owned Finally a way to explain exactly how I feel. Thank you for putting it into understandable words. These words help me to Indianapolis female swingers to myself and take away the guilt of not understanding why I Want to be owned my situation and have never felt so loved and safe.

Precisely this. Thank you so much for sharing this and helping me find the words. Although this was written long time ago, thank you!

This best articulates what has been so hard for me to explain. I know this is a pretty laaaate comment but tto my goodness, your words resonated with me so intensely. Thank you for this post….