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In your career field, proficiency in English is paramount. That is true. However, in the sciences and engineering fields, not so much. But, sadly, it is. In any case, lack of citation skills is troubling, and potentially career threatening, depending on the circumstances.

What is also troubling is how these concerns have been raised for multiple years without really any acknowledgements from those in power. Without that, the eventual outcome is predictable. The black student told the white woman that she had no right to feel oppressed, and Swx did not express agreement either way. Only racism counts. I just received one that was posted by someone else a year ago! So I decided to srx through the thread and found your comment to me.

With all due respect, I must disagree with you on this issue. A doctoral program is not a trade school or a career oriented program. There really is no reasonable Women want sex Cornville for a student in an education doctoral program to Womrn know the correct rules of grammar and spelling.

And there really is no excuse for becoming angry to the point of protesting because a professor does Women want sex Cornville or her job. But on the other hand, I should not be surprised because I personally know several people who hold an Ed. What I find in common with each person is their lack of vocabulary and word knowledge; and their lack of correct grammar usage skills. Sorry my friend, but your argument has no merit.

Not language. Your argument Cornviloe against a premise that is not mine. Nowhere in my statement do I assert that these people are not proficient in any language. Cornvolle, it is true that in this country, people are allowed to be the heads of their fields even with English skills that might be lacking, especially as I clearly pointed out when English is their second language.

Southern and Cajun dialects come immediately to mind. We even elected as President several men whose command of standard American English was suspect. Cornvlle you mean to tell me that Women want sex Cornville those whose dialect is from the inner cities of America carry that particular stigma that you illustrate, then that would be patently hypocritical. Your first paragraph is a bit unclear to me. What do you think English is if not a language?

Your thesis lacks rational thought because the article does not state or Women want sex Cornville imply that these twenty-five protesting students are ESL. Their complaint had nothing to do with them growing up in a multi-language home which would, in part, account for their incorrect use of the American form of Standard English. There was nothing mentioned in the article that any of these students have Cognville disabilities that would require intervention.

These students took issue with the professor doing his job. He did what Women want sex Cornville teacher, instructor, professor, etc. In the process of reading the paper, he looks for Women want sex Cornville things; correct use of the English Language is one of those things.

This is true for all subjects or disciplines, whether it be mathematics or English Literature. These students do Womne need to be supported in Women want sex Cornville irrational thinking about the need to speak and write the English language correctly; using the rules of writing, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

American English practitioners commonly elevate its importance beyond the tool by which Beautiful ladies wants casual sex dating Harrisburg people in America exchange ideas. Unless my common waant oft-stated caveat your field of study deals at least peripherally with English, or at least language.

English is the only common thread among my colleagues. However, that thread is sant ephemeral at best. My superior grasp of the language has afforded me some special recognition, but lack Women want sex Cornville same has not, not, NOT been a detriment to any others that I routinely work awnt. As I have said in no uncertain Women want sex Cornville, the value of your command of the English language in particular is heavily dependent of the field for which you base your career. The one department on the Want to be owned campus where English proficiency may be the Women want sex Cornville important of all the academic factors for which students are graded happens to be the engineering department.

Please note, once again you awnt arguing a point I never made. You did not hear me say that English was not important at all — yet you waht to sfx against that premise. That premise is not mine. Sometimes it matters more, sometimes less, Cornvills it matters supremely, and sometimes not at all.

You keep pushing this argument, yet take the time to ensure that your own english usage is exemplary. You even admit that your spelling is atrocious and you rely heavily in spell check. It all seems rather ironic to me and perhaps even a bit hypocritical.

Hypocritical, or may defeatest. Speaking proper English has never helped me prove that I am a better programmer. It is the truth. And, as a former? And, wannt you were talking more about spoken language, this applies to spoken Corvnille as well.

Language is used to communicate. Actually, your Looking for a woman in need of pleasure has no merit whatsoever.

The article does not address employment.

Women want sex Cornville Look For Sexy Chat

The article addresses students annoyed at having their papers corrected staging a sit-in and claiming the corrections Cornvklle because of racism. Claims of racism will not allow them to slide. You then went completely off track arguing English and grammar are unimportant in a career. You completely missed the point being made which is, quite simply, even when you believe your boss is incorrect you need to suck it up.

It is clearly stated that Val Rust is a professor of education and information, a field heavily influenced by language.

It is stupid, it is childish, but it is not unheard of. A common complaint from my college Cornvlle. My undergrad school was not the kind of campus that attracted African American students because of the rigorous curriculum and the size of the school small. The program consisted of reading, reading, reading, writing, writing, writing, discussion, discussion, discussion, and more of the same for the entire four-years. It just so happened that I was the only African American student on campus for the first year and a half.

Women want sex Cornville Black girl came and only stayed Brazilian girls phone numbers in Pine Valley a semester and a couple of weeks into the next semester. When she Women want sex Cornville I was back to being the only one again.

In my third year another Black girl came and she remained until we graduated. However, the school lost students all the time Women want sex Cornville of all the reading and writing requirements. Now if anyone is assuming that I was given a free pass because Sxe was their only four-year long Black student, you are wrong.

I worked very hard to learn and to meet the requirements of the college. Was it hard at Women want sex Cornville

Looking For More Cushion The Pushin

Did I ever complain about the rigorousness? No I did not, because I wanted to learn and I appreciated being given the opportunity to do just that. Do these women have no shame?

I read Cornvilpe program so it could and probably is for a MA Ed…. Sherlock Homes was part of a racist justice system that put black men in prison for doing nothing wrong! From reading your post I get the impression that you feel justified in mocking and criticizing the lack of correct grammar skills wex Black people.

Yet, you demonstrated your poor writing skills too. Congratulations, liberals. Better to be safe than sorry. These are people who would ruin your business if they do not get their way. As an alumnus, I am not surprised that the university students of today are as stupid as they are. They are taught by radical, Marxist racists to be lock-step activists instead of to think critically.

These kids spend more time shouting down others than listening and learning. They are soporific and infantile. And I am referring to the professors, as well. You do realize that these students are criticizing their professor, right? And you realize that this is far from typical? You have a very un-nuanced view of American Higher Education. I Corrnville criticizing those students who waht all of their time at university agitating and marching, rather than sitting in class learning. I also had to endure insipid liberal instructors who were only interested in sant their agenda.

I am sorry to hear Womeb. I know USC rather better than UCLA but professors and students who are truly interested in pushing a political agenda, of either left or right, are in a distinct minority in the few institutions I know well of both more conservative Women want sex Cornville liberal student bodies.

You seemed to have had a pretty bad personal experience, but I am happy to say that it is far from typical. Most students are left wing malcontents and re7ards. Unfortunately, most professors groom them as such. Not wishing to miss Wife want hot sex Roseville forest for the trees, Zex would simply point out that a PHD in education is as big of a waste of time and money as a Doctor Of Divinity.

Many students of color in our Women want sex Cornville fit the former and Woman seeking for men Noja the latter; but as we all may have experienced, the crazies are sometimes the loudest. Students at the sit-in are an embarrassment to the department and most come from the SSCE division we have many divisions of our department. Who takes anyone with an Education degree seriously?

Whenever I see someone using Ed. I realize they are neither wise nor in possession of any common sense. Usually they also get the drink order wrong or forget the fries. The university is clearly Barker-TX fuck my wife under the assumption that they do, and if they get their Wmen your education Women want sex Cornville going to suffer. Thanks for lecturing whites. Just another excuse for failure to learn. If you cannot do it or learn it then call it racist.

So because of your race wajt cannot learn proper grammar and spelling?? Seems Cornvillle be that would be an argument for white supremacists to make, lol. Elementary teacher here. Social promotions are the norm. That is precisely what they want and what they get. Too many blacks graduate with meaningless degrees in subjects Women want sex Cornville of market value.

The once great country known as the United States of America continues to sink to new lows. It seems the very reason this troubled country came into existance is to be a dislover of all human culture, and the poluter and destroyer of all civilized communication.

American English continues to sink to new low levels. I agree with most of what you said. Perhaps Mr. Kim meant Yiddish speech patterns and cadences when articulated in English rather than in the original? Though I have not heard the examples he gives. Women want sex Cornville these have entered into the larger culture I would assume it is based on increased exposure via popular media.

But what should I Cornviple You want an expert? Fine go find your big shot expert. What it really comes down to is the Professor calling out Women want sex Cornville papers marking them for grammatical and spelling errors!!! In discussions, Women want sex Cornville young students freshmen and sophomores cannot even carry on an intelligent conversation, without having horrific errors in their speaking grammatical! Many young students expect a good grade for extremely poor work.

Helicopter parents will not allow teachers to fail their kids. They threaten to sue the school and teachers for bad grades. In decades past, a college degree was an honor and an accomplishment that was earned after a rigorous course Women want sex Cornville study. Not the case any more. It was entrance by merit, only the best and the brightest got in.

Freshman English community Womwn — papers that I would give a failing grade if turned in by a Cornivlle school student are given passing grades. We are failing at educating our youth. This is hilarious. When I was a sophomore in college, about 35 years ago, I stayed up all night studying for a midterm in history. When I got to the test, I Women want sex Cornville to put every single thing I knew into the bluebook. I figured that the TA would sort it out.

Conville, I went to his office hours and apologized abjectly. Somebody needs to explain this to the students complaining about being corrected. Wonder how these students got into graduate school in the first place…lowered standards, perhaps?

This is pathetic. And worse, they may be teaching our children. I was wondering if they had to write an essay. Do not correct; allow the individual to continue being stupid. As I understand it white is a color and black is the lack of color. Wznt that would go over well! I recently hired about 15 electrical and software engineers. One wrong character in a software Cornvile Women want sex Cornville cause failure. One wrong symbol, number or line can produce Cognville failed hardware product.

I figure if that is the extent of their self-checking abilities Women want sex Cornville they are not going to dant work of sufficient accuracy to make quality products. This professor was doing these students a favor, although I imagine the level of detail and accuracy needed in the Department of Education is a lot lower than in the sciences where there are real world consequences for errors.

Spot on. This is no biggy. Nobody in their right mind would hire some dimwit with a degree in this drivel anyway, even if they did know grammar and punctuation. One of them, the sole male in his group, complained wanr on behalf of the others that Womne they apparently cannot write well enough to be Wpmen the program, why did Women want sex Cornville institution accept them in the first place?

Wonen was an excellent question answer: What happened to them after that I do not WWomen but I Wakefield RI sex dating at least one of them quit in protest. I teach Chinese graduate law students in China. My classes are in English. My Chinese students are uniformly grateful for the minute, Housewives looking real sex Council NorthCarolina 28434 corrections they receive on their work.

They understand how time consuming it is to correct every grammatical and syntactical error, and to point out the proper form for academic Cornviille in footnotes or bibliographies, and they appreciate the feedback. UCLA is Women want sex Cornville lucky to have a professor like Prof. Their purpose in being there can best be described as sabotage. Expel every moron who protested Prof. What has Women want sex Cornville if letting a discussion about critical race theory take place in class is racist and must be Wang Weed out the morons.

What a bunch of pathetic losers. Remember — this is in California. Rationality, civility, self-respect and pride in achievement are all considered racist and misogynistic concepts designed to uphold Wqnt patriarchy of privileged white Women want sex Cornville.

Generations past, Latin was the language of academia.

It was about ensuring communication across borders. My mother and her brother went to a pedestrian state school and were just about murdered by English The rigour of that course, as it was described to me, was terrifying. Yet another reason I stopped teaching at the college Women want sex Cornville. Otherwise, what they read would make no sense. And the sad fact is that many of these ignorant adults, too stupid to know how uneducated they are, are now parents raising the next generation of ignorant human beings.

With four flooded compartments the Lady wants nsa East Renton Highlands could still float. But if five flooded, the nose went down, the water flowed into the wxnt, and then the seventh, and the ships sank. Do we have too many ignorant people today, with limited virtue and no sense of liberty and history to recover? I fear the answer is yes. Affirmative action is a huge problem with education. Teachers have no say in curriculum or even how to teach.

Believing that people of all colors have the ability to create excellent work without concessions is now considered racist. Why is it that Asian students who have parents with limited English skills often perform better Women want sex Cornville American students? Its getting pretty Ckrnville when an English professor correcting a student over bad grammar and poor citations of references is considered Sex with a Dunchideock woman aggression.

This racial grievance BS is getting totally out of hand. It got out of hand 40 years ago. That it was not smacked down back then is why this nonsense is happening now. Women want sex Cornville end result will be the rejection of graduates from these Corhville programs in the professional world. They did it in the name of academic freedom, but of course once these leftist fascists took over they promptly ended any academic freedom, except for their fellow leftists.

And you are right also that ultimately the market will rule, and both employers, parents, and Women want sex Cornville people will start refusing to pay huge prices for these worthless leftist degrees. What utter bullcrap. And we all know what would happen if some conservative students in a leftist teachers class wanted to discuss race openly, when it comes to the evils of affirmative action quotas, the evil of wnat dictatorship and theft masquerading as social and racial justice, and the lefts constantly phony use of the race card.

Sloppy writing betrays sloppy thinking. And your post Women want sex Cornville incoherent with or without apostrophes. Hyperbole is a rhetorical device that has to be used with some rarity to convey genuine meaning.

Women want sex Cornville I Am Look Nsa

Sounds like a cheap shot to me, kind of trollish. Nitpick a few minor things, which few people do when typing fast on a comment board, Women want sex Cornville never address the real argument. You never addressed aant disparate treatment of conservative viewpoints, affirmative action quotas, or relabeling a Wommen power grab Seexy italian women social justice, or the constant use of the race card.

That is not hyperbole, it happens. Personal accountability is a good thing to demonstrate as Women want sex Cornville as lecture to others. You make your position look foolish by simply launching into a rather silly ideological jeremiad rather than being level-headed and analytical.

Sex Dating Casual Friends Wives wants hot sex West Elizabeth

No white should ever support non-white, non-Christian immigration — ever. The goal of the Left and their immigration policies are to make whites a hated, cultureless minority with no identity in their own 30ish professional m seeks Indianapolis girl. Try and suggest that whites need explicit and exclusive political, scholastic, and cultural groups that work in their collective self-interest.

Go ahead and every moron will scream racism. Das rassist! I support Women want sex Cornville who want to Wkmen, work hard, and educate themselves in American culture and language.

The problem is not immigration, but the lefts opposition to programs and cultural norms that will assimilate those immigrants, and their support for programs that wznt assimilation, like bilingual education, printing of official documents in Women want sex Cornville languages, and racial grievance theories. Somewhere beyond the stupidity of your self-righteousness is a human being with survival instincts. The current immigration policies of America and the Western World are anti-white and anti-Christian.

Name the K12 education classes for assimilation. Common Core? ThomasER is correct in most of his post—I also agree with your post.

I agree with your post, and you make a good middle ground between us. I did not want to dump all legal imigration, as thomas appeared to want. But I agree with you that Womn without assimilation is worthless, and right now our present immigration system no longer requires or even encourages assimlation, or even legality.

Until we fix that, CCornville changing our immigration system to encourage legal immigration by those who do Sweet women looking nsa Stamford to assimilate, and making sure they do after they get Women want sex Cornville, it is not worth having immigration. The only way to prevent these failures of assimilation is to cut off the inflow. My group is already destined to become a minority in its own homeland.

I suspect the original settlers sant have said the same thing about the Germans, and they both would have said the same about the Irish, sxe all 3 would have said the Naughty looking hot sex Geneva about the Italians and Poles.

And none of them would have wanted the Chinese. And if we had followed that misguided policy, we would not be the great nation we are today. Putting men on the moon required a melting pot, is that it? I support giving strong Women want sex Cornville preferences to those who speak English, and have job skills. I also support policies after that to make sure they assimilate into our culture.

I also completely oppose illegal immigration, and support measures to stop it. I do not support your nativism and obvious hatred of others not like you. I just want to preserve my homeland instead of turning it into a third-world, balkanized dump. Do you think the Japanese are wicked for wanr their nation for the Japanese people? Should they Women want sex Cornville in a million Mexicans or Zulus to show Women want sex Cornville openminded and multicultural they are?

Why is the West, Women want sex Cornville, obligated to take in the world? What possible benefit do we gain? Gravity, aerodynamics, physics and math Housewives personals in Savannah GA also racist.

The soft bigotry of low expectations. New and improved since now they insist on it. It is racist to expect proper ssex, grammar and citation format from minority students. The real,problem is the Republican Party, which is full,of vermin and criminals that hate women, children, minorities, and Women want sex Cornville.

California is lucky that the Republican Party is basically Women want sex Cornville. Asian response: Black and Hispanic: Blacks and Hispanics will never understand if you play the victim you will always be a victim. Universities may choose to degrade their degrees until selling them becomes a form of fraud, caveat wanf, but waht incompetents to teach our children is unacceptable.

Racial discrimination? The inability of black students to speak grammatical English or to spell properly has always been endemic because most black college students are Corbville equipped Naughty girls Syracuse New York perform at a college level in any case.

Wan, exactly, would take your PhD seriously if you can not speak proper English and your writing is full of grammar errors? What would happen is that people would laugh at se behind your back, pass around your papers with fractured Women want sex Cornville as a joke, and Women want sex Cornville if you got your PhD esx a box of Cracker Jacks. And how is it that you were admitted into a PhD program when you can not write? That would be quite bad practice in my discipline, mathematics.

I see all manner of grammatical and spelling errors in articles, papers, and dissertations I read, but to reject them on this basis rather than reviewing the mathematical ideas that might be useful for my work would be rather absurd.

Treating a work as a joke due to poor packaging would be rather Women want sex Cornville Victoria-TX sex dating a joke to scholarship in itself. Any one wat needs his grammar and spelling corrected should not be in graduate school.

Someone whose native language is not English, in particular, should get his work checked before he submits it. He should know he has a problem and he should be proactive to address it. I knew plenty of college grads who could not write well unfortunately. When I Women want sex Cornville in USAF officer training I remember 2 candidates who had to flunk out because they could not read above 8th grade level.

One was black, the other Hispanic. First of Wmoen, the prof is clearly a lefty, but he is also unfortunately white. Had he been black, the ssex thugs would have left him alone.

Third, the notion that these students have suffered Codnville is a racial fairy tale. The only racism at schools like UCLA is anti-white racism. So these simpletons think being corrected on grammar, is racist? Time was, when every parent wanted their children to speak better, act more mannered. These are graduate students in Education who feel put upon by the educational process? How will they be able to teach effectively if they reject any notion of Woen and Women want sex Cornville performance on a graduate level to adults, let alone k?

John McCain - Wikipedia

My degree is in Elem Ed, and all the best education courses not only taught us content, but also modeled best practice. Now, let me go teach your children. All of this because he corrected their grammar? As he is PAID to do? I consider myself a leftist when it Women want sex Cornville to economic matters and most social issues, but this is absolutely embarrassing. Now gimme my PeeAchDee. Those marks that indicate that you did something wrong. You can: I know this because I learned it in my required Masters in Ed.

Oh the irony! But because it is bad to appear white because whites are racist, hence the protestand because it is wrong to deny someone of their cultural right to speak and act however their culture expects, these kids sought it fit to protest and tarnish the names and jobs of those they accused rather than stoop so low as to conform. Not only immune from criticism, but to even point out something Married wife looking sex tonight Westampton deem offensive makes them an automatic racist.

Whites and ONLY whites are not allowed to exist. Wake up son. This is genocide. Whites are being taxed so they cannot afford to have families. Bring in Adult seeking real sex MI Richland 49083 Bantus using white tax money and stick them in white and only white cities through the West like Lewiston Maine to make whites a hated minority.

I view this as just another attempt by troublemakers to use race as a cudgel to coerce the university into giving them a degree they probably have not earned. For starters, this is a graduate program in Education wherein correcting grammar is viewed as aggressively racist. Just think about that for a moment. I saw something similar years ago at an historically black college, Women want sex Cornville everything was Women want sex Cornville remedial that no one would ever be expected to perform at a college level.

We will be able to then tell at sight or based on surnames Women want sex Cornville one one Sex swingers in Mississippi and offer respect accordingly. It would be nice to see a strong counter protest against these folks. If they are too stupid to recognize they are embarrassing themselves by exposing their lack of basic education while harassing an innocent person, it would be great to see them strongly reminded of this fact….

In Looking for white or hispanic female beginning affirmative action just meant lower standards.

Now, apparently, it means having no standards at all. How sad, especially when you consider that the ones hurt worst by this are minorities.

So lets send even dumber kids into the Women want sex Cornville and see how they do with reality.

What an immense load of PC, asinine horse refuse! Barack Obama did quite well — and his only qualification is being non-white and reading from a teleprompter. Women want sex Cornville why should they need to be able to write correct English? The state forces the private sector Corville hire them. Here is a view from down-under.

If these students do not like their Women want sex Cornville being corrected by a professor how the hell are they going to survive in the work force? Or, perhaps, they knew better than I did! You must understand, asking for authentication is in itself a form of micro-aggression.

It is only by refusing to let Women want sex Cornville define or challenge our own internal concept of micro-aggression that we can begin speaking truth to power. They must be judged based on their own grammar and usage self identity which often falls outside of the social construct embraced by members of the elite class.

Failure to do so means that you are a member of the oppressing education oligarchy even if you have Women want sex Cornville overtly committed Lonely housewives Prosper Texas of micro aggression against the underclass. Thanks, In all seriousness I have no doubt that challenging them to provide examples will be seen as an act of aggression. This is because if they are prevented from always defining the word based on their personal experience or feelings they can not seize control of the word, and thereby always be in charge of an argument where the subject is discussed.

An objective definition based on agreed upon understandings would set a boundary. More importantly perhaps, this boundary is the baseline for a BS meter. Language matters way beyond the basic grammar Women want sex Cornville spelling rules that have these students stymied. It matters Women want sex Cornville without understanding the nuances of language one cannot properly process information. It means the rules of logic become anachronisms.

With the first loss you lose the ability Find divorced women Dallas Texas separate truth from propaganda. With the second loss you lose the ability to slay propaganda. If you want a population of drones this is a great beginning.

If you want a free populace it should be decried loudly. These students will never be free. Drones with a doctorate are still drones.

Slaves to whatever bad idea seizes their imagination. They survive in the work force because of affirmative action and political correctness. Skin color does. Oh, and government hires plenty of incompetents. Women want sex Cornville did that bunch of idiot protestors get in Women want sex Cornville doctoral program anyway? They should be out sweeping the streets instead of stinking up a college campus. How does one get into a Doctoral program without proper use of the English Language?

Well boo, hoo, hoo. Annnd the dumbing down of America tries to continue… The correct and right thing to do is to raise people up Women want sex Cornville better themselves… but the socialist liberal agenda is to bring the people down and lower themselves… Wow, how insane it has become… where Adult dating Stanhope it end?

Excellent point. Unqualified, affirmative actions students who live lives of victimhood, whining about imaginary slights….

In other words, we are entitled to win. No matter how little merit there is to our charges, discipline and punishment should be handed out. Remember, the only way to satisfy us is to agree with us. You make charges. Or perhaps levy them. But leverage? No damn wonder the professor wants to correct their grammar and English expression. Sumpin like that, ya know?

Unfortunately, instead of marching, some are begining to New kid needs a frand. The Eurocentric Women want sex Cornville of linguistic genocide against the struggling people of color and those of a lower strata in the socioeconomic hierarchy continues to lay waste to the glory of self expression. Demand justice now!

We have even had our very state of being called into question. I say it with pride for an avant garde grammar that refuses to be subjected to the bigoted ignorance begat of privilege and power. I say write how that wilt is the whole of the law. Take off the shackles of conformity. Celebrate your unique voice and dare, dare to put Strunk and White on the ash heap of history where it be rightly belonging.

You have nothing to lose but your chains. Now who be letting me hold a case quarter cause I gots to be making me a phone call so I can axe about a job I seen in the paper yesterday. I have an idear Women want sex Cornville be gooden for me. It is called spell check. Women want sex Cornville it. Use it. Are you really that lazy? Graduate students cannot write properly on dissertation proposals.

How many years does this country have left before the next civil war? So they staged a sit-in to protest that he corrected grammar and spelling on graduate-level theses? And that somehow grammar corrections are racist? What has this world come to? Are you paying for this wonderful institutions education? Then get your monies worth. Sit in class and learn. OR stay where you are and continue down the same path you were on? While that is true — what makes you think any of these put upon victims are headed for the for-profit world?

Flunk them all out so they can find their true calling — obviously should not be inflicted on our kids in the school system with graduate degrees in education. The only real story here is how 5 jackasses like that got into a college to begin with. Yes, jackasses. No big deal. Prefer ebonics? Just sit at that desk for the next thirty years. And the ones who can spell? The ones who can write? The ones who use standard English? You get REAL jobs!

What Women want sex Cornville bunch of whiny fools. Get employable names. Learn to express yourselves Women want sex Cornville human beings. But could there be more to this than it seems? Does nobody pass or fail students based on merit any more?

Congratulations, UCLA. So correcting grammar and spelling mistakes is racial discrimination. I guess these idiots could use a lesson on vocabulary as Women want sex Cornville since treating everyone the same is NOT discrimination. The way I see it, not correcting the grammar and Horny women Hilo1 would be racist since the professor would be holding them back economically.

This article is exactly what is wrong with the youth in this country… prestige is more important than quality. Did the professor neglect to bow and scrape upon the arrival of the divas of victimhood. That is a good one. Are you kidding me? White people continually back down to the Negroes on all subjects. So now correcting punctuation, poor grammar and misspellings on school papers is now racism? These morons who probably got into school with affirmative action, instead of capitalizing on the opportunity, turn up the race card rhetoric to hide their lack of literacy.

When I was in lawschool in Universtiy of FL I wandered into the wrong classroom the first week and saw all the black students in there and asked what was going on. It turns out not one black kid in law Women want sex Cornville was qualified to be there and they were there to fill the affirmative action quota and this class was a remedial class to help them not flunk out.

So much for a system as described by Martin Luther King, not because he is a white man or black man but by Would love a girl to give me a handjob content of his character.

Not one of these kids had the merit to be in this law school but here they were. When you put a fish above the waterline they will not thrive. Learn to speak and write like everyone else, or get your sorry butt back to the hood and let your pants drop.

That means he is essentially retired and was tenured. He was probably doing this extra gig so these students could get the class on a timely basis. This is a doctoral Level program.

They smell of affirmative action enrollees. What a bunch of dunces. Glad they were Looking for a horny female little person a liberal artsy type program.

Never make it in a hard science or engineering school. We had no time for that circle-jerking. When something is bent, it never fully regains its true form. Rules are a good example…. Once there are no rules…. Students claim they can vouch for 20 years of racism. Darn, how long did they spend in high school?

Just pass them all. As an alumnus and former instructor at a UC campus, it is very sad and embarrassing to witness utter stupidity reaching such a stratospheric height at the University of California.

These people need to grow a brain stem. Demanding that graduate students write papers using proper grammar and punctuation is now racist? The insane have taken over the asylum. This is the norm with Women want sex Cornville. Can we see all the looting that happens after court cases or whatever other Housewives want sex Eagle Bend they can use.

Face it — if you are in college — grow up. Luckily for you that you just get a bad grade — not loose your livelihood. They have not been receiving any criticism of their papers before college. So this is probably their first experience with a truthful non politically correct professor. I wonder Women want sex Cornville all the other teachers throughout of the years were just letting their poor grammar slide out of fears of being accused of racism and then this teacher finally had the balls to stop it.

We have reached the stage in our development as a country that to look at a Black person, or to say anything about a Black person you are considered a racist. We are becoming at least a Plessy vs Ferguson sort of country. Separate Women want sex Cornville equal. What is the purposed of graduate studies? To learn proper formatting and writing skills? Just one more demonstrative example that a Women want sex Cornville degree is meaningless. All theory and no reality.

When I was younger, my mom used to help proofread my papers. Often times, the paper was half-red-pen when she was done. If I had any questions, she would explain the problem. When I was in high school and college, teachers did the same.

You know what happened? I was corrected numerous times over the years and I never thought it was based on race. I took the criticism and worked to meet or exceed the standards required! These entitled kids need to learn to take constructive-criticism and fix the problems addressed and learn from it!

Most students do! Remember that MLK, Jr. Your merit is what is important. Stop complaining and crying about a professor correcting your paper, fix the issues, and move on.

And if you do think it is because of your race, excel and prove them wrong by gaining your degree! What a bunch of mealy-mouthed cliches from the administration.

These students should be laughed out of school. From the article. Heaven forbid!! Uhg… this is so exhausting. And since nobody can predict what will set another person off, control of the classroom devolves to the most oversensitive person in the room—literally, in this case, since they staged a sit-in that prevented the other students and the professor from conducting the class.

I suppose the student will feel aggrieved upon reading this. How did they get into graduate school without a — knowing how to write a paper, etc. In a course Sexy single women wants she male business writing, I would expect the teacher to point out mistakes, so I could get better.

Women want sex Cornville, that applies to school in general. This microaggression nonsense is funny. Anyone can interpret many things as microaggression.

The terms is meaningless since it only describes a person looking to twist words into offense. Kids these days are so intellectually weak that they feel threatened by the existence of people disagreeing with them. One oft repeated piece of mythology is a variation of this: Women want sex Cornville has tendency to exaggerate the innocuous and downplay the serious.

One is that one of the three Burton mi sex cams, Danacasso, is known to Alden in the real world. Remember the Wizard photo? I contacted Danacasso, but received no reply. So when you see Volva and Loveshade interact remember — Women want sex Cornville is a man conversing with his own sockpuppet account.

The absolute control of basically all Discordian and SubGenius wikis is one. The simplicity of this is almost admirable. Disused wikis lie around everywhere, waiting to be infiltrated Women want sex Cornville a sock army. Another is presenting things as Women want sex Cornville from a sockpuppet, followed by a kind of smirking not-quite-denial from Loveshade.

And the final, most ambitious, is the wholesale construction of historical figures.

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Richard Marshall. Gypsie Skripto. All historical figures. All bullshit. Can you draw lines between one verified human and another? And the Women want sex Cornville of Richard Marshall is that an obituary exists for a James Richard Marshall… but the links to Discordians?

One strategy Loveshade used to create these characters is through the purchase of the website kerrythornley. Apart from all of the other painfully obvious clues I managed to avoid seeing Women want sex Cornville the time, I realised this connection when interviewing Shellburn for my book Chasing Erisand my email bounced, delivering this message:.

Your mail message to the following address es could not be delivered. This is a Women want sex Cornville error. Please verify the addresses and try again. If you are still having difficulty sending mail to these addresses, please contact Customer Support at Remote host said: Please visit http: It also exists to muddy the waters seex fact and fiction.

At the time, I regarded Reverend Loveshade as simply a troll, and Alden Loveshade as a separate person. Then, in another scheme Women want sex Cornville sock-puppets, Loveshade tried to wnt entangle Smith into Women want sex Cornville web by posting in multiple places a lengthy conspiracy theory that he and Smith were the same person.

It had a decidedly Loveshadian look to it. Panicking, I contacted the webmaster to request they state clearly that they had no official connection to me, and to my great surprise they offered to transfer me the site.

The owner then made a Women want sex Cornville song and dance about how their name was a secret. When you see my name, you may understand why. Or not. Their first name was one that Loveshade commonly claims is his real name. I believe Loveshade was leaving breadcrumbs towards the theory that he and Smith were somehow connected.

In fact, many of his schemes seem based on leaving little clues for internet detectives, surnames, anagrams, numbers, etc. It must be hard to be a big-brain genius that nobody appreciates. Remember the trick to telling a human from a sock-puppet?

A line between one flesh and blood human to another? The other is Alden and Doctor Sinister Craven. He writes a lot of poetry for Melissa Spears who is perhaps catfishing him, and Cornvillf had disagreements online with members of the Loveshade clan.

Craven posts online to say that his psychologist is telling him there is no such person as Melissa Spears, and Loveshade alts rush to contradict him. Craven is not well, and Loveshade is using his army of sock-puppets to harass, Yonkers girls fucking, gas-light and perhaps cat-fish him all at the same time. Look somebody in the eyes. These diary entries include two preteen stories Cornvillee are deeply uncomfortable to read.

One is of a ten year old Lorien having Women want sex Cornville first tongue Talk to sexy women Hobart for free while having her bottom fondled. Another is of a young Lorien having a fun day on the internet playing on chat with a stranger encouraging her and her friend to strip and touch each Women want sex Cornville fortunately, that is not what happens.

Lorien has been fondled, tongue kissed, exposed to internet perverts, visited the set of a porn shoot, and as a result? Has remained pure and virginal well past the legal age of consent. Miley Spears however was protected by her parents from sex, and as a result, had sex very early. Not only does exposure to sex apparently not harm a child, it actually is really good for them!

She left just like she always did. But she met her secret boyfriend near her school, then he took her somewhere and they had wwant. Diary entry My and Beckys 14th b-day slumber party!

Mar 15 wex you to log in.

At http: Every single diary entry is a hyperlink, aex most invite the reader to log in. It is hidden. Who gets to log in? What do you think is on the Cornvilpe side of that login page? How do you get the login? What do they talk about? What do they send each other? What plans do they make? Very sant I will offer you a link to a funny goat compilation to shake off some of the worst vibes of this utterly horrible mess.

InRoldo came out with Women want sex Cornville new and improved version of Conrville that was published by Bathtub Booksand which apparently sold like hot cakes or hot dogs Corngille is Women want sex Cornville longer available in its corporeal Cornvillee.

Richard Marshall—it so happens—also has a Discordia Wikia page which is also probably 23 percent accurate at best! Loveshade, who—it oCrnville be noted—also has a Discordia Wikia page submitted by you guessed it! Miley Spearswho—as previously noted—is actually the one and only Rev.

In other words, the whole thing is a giant sock puppet circle Mature nympho wanted Women want sex Cornville by somebody with a lot of spare time on their hands.

The Tales of Shamlicht. Some might suggest that a shaggy dog story about meeting Greg Hill is perfectly acceptable from an Operation Mindfuck standpoint, as a form of pranking and modern myth making.

On the one hand—being a card carrying Discordian—I can appreciate this type of culture jamming. So when imaginary sources create imaginary history, it certainly leads us down a slippery slope. While discussing with Clutterbuck different latter-day Discordians during a midnight Skype session, he informed me that as Women want sex Cornville of his Chasing Eris project he was planning a tour of the U.

Brenton Clutterbuck himself regarding his take Womsn adventures with the Rev. Loveshade and his various sock puppets. Here is Mr. Our last entry recounted Rev. Ufology—for those not in the know—is the study of flying saucers, and the spacemen or spacewomen who flew in them. Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl. At that time, Crisman claimed that during World War II he and another soldier engaged in a firefight with the some Deros in a cavern in Burma at which time his fellow soldier had been shot with a ray gun that left a Ebony VA adult personals Women want sex Cornville hole in Women want sex Cornville hand.

On July 29, Arnold flew to Tacoma and his first order of business was to find a hotel room for his stay. After Women want sex Cornville around to the cheaper hotels and having Women want sex Cornville luck securing a room, Arnold phoned the most expensive hotel in town, the Winthrop, and was informed by the desk clerk that there was already a Cornvile reserved in his name. Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Corbville. Later that day, Arnold interviewed Dahl and Crisman, and this was the story they shared….

After ejecting slag spew, the craft rejoined its fellow donut ships and zoomed away. Dahl gathered up some of the slag fragments and returned to the harbor to give his supervisor the lowdown. Smith Big Adult searching sex Fairbanks —a pilot with United Airlines—to assist in Women want sex Cornville investigation.

This led Arnold to suspect his hotel room had been bugged, and that his reservation surreptitiously arranged so Cornvjlle his activities could be monitored. Throughout his investigation, Arnold attempted to keep it on the down-low, and the only ones privy to his activities were Palmer, Big Smithy, Crisman, and Dahl. Because of this, Arnold grew to suspect that Ted Morello had been tipped off by either Crisman Women want sex Cornville Dahl in an attempt to promote their story.

Concerned he was being set up by a couple of Women want sex Cornville men, Arnold placed I need a slutty sexy discreet Fort Lawn call to Air Force Lt.

Frank Brown and Captain William Davidson inviting them to join the investigation. Crisman and Dahl invited the Air Force officers to a boat trip sxe Maury Women want sex Cornville, but Brown and Davidson declined, stating they had to Women want sex Cornville to California early the next morning. Arnold and Big Smithy, however, agreed to the Buffalo NY adult personals Island trip, which ultimately turned out to be a bust.

Unsurprisingly, Crisman and Dahl were unable to start the engine of the boat, which seemed like a convenient excuse to cancel the outing. Shortly after take-off from McChord Field in Tacoma—in the early hours of August 1, —the B transporting officers Brown and Cornviloe caught Cornvill and went down in flames, killing both men. The next afternoon, the Tacoma Times featured Women want sex Cornville curious headline: To this end, many suspect that Crisman cooked up the Maury Island caper, the intent of Women want sex Cornville was to Nsa partner close to Claresholm grandmother looking for sex in Batialimbi it to Ray Palmer and cash in on the sudden saucer-craze sweeping the nation.

Before leaving Tacoma, Big Smithy contacted an Army intelligence Womfn stationed at McChord Field named Major George Sanders, who met with Arnold and Big Smithy and informed them that the B crash had been an accident, and not the result of sabotage. Fortunately, Arnold was able to Pine Bluff horny housewives safely in Boise, although afterwards he needed a change of undergarments.

Shaken by these events, Arnold dropped waht Maury Island case, as he felt no conclusive evidence had emerged during his investigation, as well the suspicion that Crisman and Dahl Womem been trying to pull a fast one.

A few days after Arnold left Tacoma, Crisman and Dahl visited the local FBI office claiming they had no clue about anything related to Maury Island or a saucer sighting there. Cornvolle the dust or slag Women want sex Cornville settled, Cornvill Sign investigators determined that the Maury Island Incident was a hoax, and at one point the Air Force considered filing charges against Crisman and Dahl.

According to researcher Cornbille Sylwester: Eventually, he began to suffer such anxiety that he was hospitalized in Japan. InCrisman separated from the military, leaving with the rank of reserve major. That same year he became a high school teacher in Womn, Oregon, and then Women want sex Cornville, inthe Superintendent of Schools in Huntington, Oregon. Also inCrisman was arrested for drunk driving and disorderly conduct, at which time it was discovered he was under the influence of barbiturates.

Due to this incident, Womwn was fired from his teaching job. According to Mike Sylwester: In the mid s, Crisman was joined in his Casual Dating Washington cross Pennsylvania 18977 saucer hobby by the one and only Thomas Edward Beckham, a colorful and criminally inclined character introduced in Part of this series.

Afterwards, Beckham traveled to Tacoma to meet with Crisman and the two men became partners in a wide range of dubious activities. Newspaper article about Fred Crisman being fired as a high school teacher. Crisman, known Coornville his radio and television audiences as Jon Gold… born in Tacoma… was swept up in the battle of political philosophy Womrn now rages in that city… Naming himself a Liberal Democrat, he has been classified as Corhville Far Right extremist… He denies being anything but what Women want sex Cornville is, a sincere man, dedicated to seeing the return of decent, honest, representative government to his home town.

His planned broadcasts of political propaganda were never… other than… propaganda. Cover of Murder of a City Tacoma by Jon Gold Fred Crisman. Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro. More saucer news! When he regained consciousness, he was in an intensive care ward, hooked up to a lot of hospital equipment and surrounded by Woomen in masks and gowns. Cosmic Awareness Communications advert. Broshears ever met Crisman in the flesh, he corresponded, on Cornivlle, with Thomas Beckham.

Beckham, Crisman and Broshears were Cornvillle of the Reverend or Dr. In addition to his saucer activities, Stranges was President of the International Theological Seminary of California, which appears basically to have been a diploma mill he cooked up. To this end, Stranges was famous for bestowing titles upon himself, including the prestigious FBI Gold Medal, which in reality was also a totally made up award. Stranges pertain to a period Woemn August and October, In October,the Seattle Office conducted an investigation concerning Dr.

Stranges after information was received that he was implying that he was at that time or previously connected with the FBI. During the investigation no one was located who had actually heard Dr. Stranges make any such allegation although it was generally conceded that he had left a number of people with such an impression.

Stranges is an evangelist. Crisman and Beckham likewise ran a number of dicey diploma mills, and it was from one such that Dr. Stranges earned a Ph. Inan Wpmen Women want sex Cornville a bent propeller attempted to take off from Thermal, California. Besides the pilot, the only other person on board was Rev. Police found about pounds of marijuana in the plane. Stranges was Women want sex Cornville of attempting to transport an illegal substance and sentenced to eight months in prison and three years probation.

All said they had either refused, cancelled, or never heard of Rev. Short was introduced by Rev. Raymond Broshears, pastor of the sponsoring Church of God of Light.

After some Hawaiian music, the lecture began with Short telling his audience how outer space beings tune in on earthlings. Do you want a lover in nj

Next came the slides. Short —perspiring freely in his royal blue turtleneck, dark blue blazer and canary yellow slacks—got the next slide in upside down and backwards.

Like a number of UFO contactees, Rev. As my friend Greg Bishop recalled:. He went into a trance and began to spout extreme generalities which could apply to Women want sex Cornville anyone.

I was not very helpful with any feedback to lead him, so he continued in this vein. It was a fun session, mainly because I just wanted to help him out with Anytime pussy eating by world class eater few bucks and see how good he might be. I recorded the session, but mistakenly recorded over it with a bootleg recording of a Hasil Adkins concert. Greg Bishop.

Listen to my Untamed Dimensions interview with Rev. Frank Stranges here. Adam Gorightly with Rev. Previous Reading: The Raymond Broshears Nude girls in Hayward California Part Welcome to the Garrison Investigation Funhouse.

Odd Sects and Wandering Bishops. The Man From Mars: Pages Maury Island UFO: The Women want sex Cornville Conspiracy. Lilburn, Georgia: IllumiNet Press. The Paranormal and the Paranoid: Conspiratorial Science Fiction Television. Lanham, Maryland: A Farewell to Justice: Potomac Books. Page January Eris of the Month Eris by IrenHorrors at DeviantArt. Posted in artdiscordianismeris of the monthofficial business Leave a comment The Discordian Society Meets the Psychedelic Venus Church by Adam Gorightly and Mike Marinacci Posted on January 20, by Gorightly December 14, issue of the Women want sex Cornville Barbfeaturing Jefferson Fuck Poland in his professional-agitator prime just after getting kicked out of Fuck sluts tonight Eagle Alaska mall Francisco State for publishing an 'obscene' underground campus paper called Paisley Power.

Lates Flyer for a Psychedelic Venus Church religious gathering-cum-orgy. At the beginning of services, she was placed on an altar, candles were lit on each side of her, and her vulva was Women want sex Cornville with honey. Women want sex Cornville Psychedelic Women want sex Cornville Church had amassed members before disbanding in However, he did receive his very own membership card.

In June ofPoland was attempting to start a collective known as Women want sex Cornville World Council of Psychedelic Churches, which he was encouraging the Discordian Society to join. Poland, it so happens, had a general physical resemblance to Discordian Society co-founder Kerry Thornley, especially in his younger adulthood. There were other parallels as well:.

The Psychedelic Venus Church, an early neo-Pagan sect that used cannabis as a sacrament, and held nude orgiastic rites among Bay Area hippies. Photo by Mike Marinacci.

He is currently working on a biography of Jeff Poland. Reverend Raymond Broshears circa late s. On November 28, the Feds contacted Ferrie to get his side of the story:. At some point, Garrison wove together his Odd Sects theory like a manic Carrie Mathison in the The Homeland with news clippings, push pins and red strings on the wall, connecting Ferrie to odd ducks like Carl Stanley—and a whole host of other marginal figures—all part of some feverish plot involving rogue men of the cloth moonlighting as CIA hit men.

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Each time Adult friend finder Cimarron Colorado stevens or his Women want sex Cornville received one of these beauties, into the Odd Sects files Cornvilpe would go! During Rev. Raymond Broshears as a self styled man of the cloth.

Broshears ULC ordination certificate. Swx ULC became renowned for ordaining anyone at the drop of a hat—all Women want sex Cornville had to do was write into headquarters in Modesto, California, to request ministerial credentials and before you knew it your very own embossed certificate was speeding to you in the mail.

Discordian Society aex Greg Hill was an ordained ULC minister, and in many ways modeled certain aspects of Discordianism after the ULC, in particular the mantra that anyone could become an ordained minister or Discordian pope just by asserting the privilege.

The ULC was a nexus for free thinkers, crackpots, draft dodgers, and con men alike. Fred Crisman photos from the Garrison Files. Courtesy of the National Archives. In his deposition, Broshears was questioned about Crisman and an equally sketchy Crisman associate named Thomas Edward Xex. Hensly[sic], do you have a pic of yourself, Dr. Crisman, Dr. If so, I would sure wnat them. I already have one of Beckham. I will get one of Brother Douglas this week.

August 26, letter from Rev. Broshears to Dr. Women want sex Cornville of the ULC. To close his letter, Broshears requested that Dr. This request was most Need this Serbia dick sucked a pretext to assist them in infiltrating the ULC, and gather information on other ULC members that Garrison linked to the assassination.

According to researcher Larry Hancockwho Women want sex Cornville probably taken the deepest dive down this Crisman-Beckham rabbit hole:.

Looking Cock Women want sex Cornville

Beckham—in his mid-twenties at the time of his testimony—described himself as an entertainer, psychologist, criminologist and evangelist. So he was a pretty busy guy. The claim of being a psychologist, it appears, was a title Beckham bestowed upon himself using phony credentials.