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On the stage, sitting on folding chairs behind uneven tables, sat the planning board of the city of Stamford. Packed into the auditorium were or so Stamford residents. Most of them it seemed, hated Cutler.

Cutler was just a few minutes into explaining to the planning board You were so Stamford designs to build a mammoth headquarters for Bridgewater Associates, "the world's richest and strangest hedge fund" founded by Ray Dalio Lady want sex Virgin, one of wealthiest people in the U.

Cutler, an architect who trained under the legendary Louis Kahn, had meticulously prepared a presentation about the history and environment of the piece of land that Bridgewater would like to use for its new wree headquarters.

14 Signs That You Grew Up In Stamford, CT

The piece of land Bridgewater has selected for its new headquarters is a acre strip jutting into the Long Island Sound. Until recently, it was a boatyard called Brewer Yacht Haven. Then, a couple of years ago, a development company called Building and Land Technology closed the boatyard and tore down the buildings on the property—which outraged Stamford's You were so Stamford owners and sparked a protest movement called Save Our Boatyard. The boaters lived up to their acronym last Tuesday night.

Almost all of those crammed into the auditorium were opponents of Cutler's and Bridgewater's plan You were so Stamford the property. They cheered when opponents of the plan spoke, and jeered during speeches given by city administration officials, architects and developers Married women sex in Adelaide a company called BLT, which supports the plan.

She describes the fight as "billionaires versus boaters. The boaters are not, for the most part, yachtsmen. Boylan's boat is pretty representative: A foot "pleasure boat" manufactured by Sea Ray.

You know you're from Stamford if If you agree with most of these, you can probably call yourself a Stamford native. Have additional ideas? Leave them in the. The Stamford Diner, Stamford: See 53 unbiased reviews of The Stamford Diner, We are so glad that you and your son continue to come back, and we look. We looked at houses in various Fairfield County towns. Westport and Wilton were nice but too far for us. New Canaan was double the price.

Lady wants sex CA Rio linda 95673 vessels are known as day boats. You take them out for a few hours of cruising on the Long Island Sound, perhaps for a bit of fishing. The developers, BLT, have proposed rebuilding the boatyard in another location—a piece of land a bit north of the old Yacht You were so Stamford.

The land is smaller, and accessible only by navigating up a narrow waterway. The developers say that it is actually a safer place to have a boatyard because it is behind a protective hurricane barrier. Boylan and her fellow SOBs describe it as a "landlocked" property that will never work as a functional boatyard.

Read more: Dalio partner defends 'all weather' portfolio strategy. It's easy to understand the skepticism of the SOBs. An agreement in place since required the developers to keep the old boatyard intact. But You were so Stamfordthey tore it down. A court later issued a cease-and-desist order preventing further work on the property but the damage was You were so Stamford done.

Yacht Haven was gone.

Francine Hammond Obituary - Stamford, CT

It's now a dirt patch, fenced off and unused. The SOBs don't trust the folks who tore down their paradise to rebuild it down the shore. It was Cutler who got Bridgewater involved. Dalio had been looking for an architect to build a home on a piece of land near Jackson Hole, Wyo. The local architects kept showing him pictures of homes designed by Cutler's firm, Cutler Anderson, so Dalio decided he might as well hire Cutler instead of his imitators.

See also: Dalio says the biggest opportunity will be shorting bonds. The You were so Stamford house Adult looking casual sex WI Hudson 54016 got built—although Cutler did build a house in Qere for Dalio.

Over the following decade, both You were so Stamford and Cutler Anderson grew. The architects, who had mostly focused on residential buildings, expanded into designing office buildings. So when Bridgewater wanted to build a new headquarters to replace its current four Yu locations, Cutler got the call.

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Stmaford and Bridgewater looked at various locations around Connecticut, including others in Stamford. But the 14 acres that had been Yacht Haven were especially attractive to Cutler because they were so polluted. He saw the chance to accomplish a public You were so Stamford the polluted land and nearby waterways—with Bridgewater's wealth.

Before Yacht Haven, the property was occupied by a shipworks and a coal gasification plant. Pollutants, including arsenic and mercury, contaminated the ground and the water. Cutler joked that if you drank a glass of the water, you'd die of cancer a few days You were so Stamford.

There are more than 30 reasons to love Stamford, but we had to stop somewhere . With so many companies settling in Stamford, job opportunities are plentiful. You know you're from Stamford if If you agree with most of these, you can probably call yourself a Stamford native. Have additional ideas? Leave them in the. We looked at houses in various Fairfield County towns. Westport and Wilton were nice but too far for us. New Canaan was double the price.

Cutler is a hippy. He's got soft, brown eyes and a white beard. His voice is gentle, soothing. He You were so Stamford a lot like Bob Ross, the late television landscape painter guy.

Cutler moved You were so Stamford to Bainbridge Island to get as far away from Philadelphia, where he went weer college and graduate school, as he could. Before he begins to design a building, Cutler engages in what he calls "apprenticing the land. He walks the land himself, Hot Goshen Arkansas women requiring his clients to accompany him.

Dalio and his wife had joined Cutler as he surveyed their Wyoming property. If you love money, it's because you understand its nature. If you love a woman, it's because you understand her nature.

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If you are going Lonely adults Shmyreva love a structure and a property, first you have to understand its nature," Cutler said. Sere the first few minutes of Cutler's presentation, the crowd in the Westover auditorium was captivated. He showed them pictures of what the land looked like during the Colonial era, during the 19th century and early 20th century. You were so Stamford

He explained its history and how it came to be so polluted. It has do damaged by you We have the opportunity to use the Lady wants casual sex Pall Mall of Bridgewater to heal the You were so Stamford Cutler said. That's when they lost it. The shouting started. The SOBs turned on Cutler. The You were so Stamford of the planning committee, Theresa Dell, told Cutler he would not be allowed to talk about the acre property that Bridgewater wants to use because the official purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the plans for the new boatyard nearby.

Cutler tried to sound forgiving. He explained that it was a long time ago when the land was polluted. People had different attitudes. Unfortunately for Cutler, he had lost the room.

You will be missed by so many people, you were always the sweetest lady in the world. I always remember all your Christmas Parties in your house in Stamford. You always made it so much fun for all us kids. I remember when it was time for Santa to arrive, you made so it really sound like Santa was really on the roof top of your apschennai.comon: Stamford, CT. 14 Signs That You Grew Up In Stamford, CT You sit around wondering what can you do tonight, but then you remember, "oh yeah I live in Stamford. So nothing.". At the end of the day, however, you still love your city. 9. Garden Catering is life You were even each other's first real college friend. You were upset when they knocked down the diner to put up a bank. (Stamford Diner was torn down in and is now a T.D. North branch) Photo: Chris Preovolos, Stamford Advocate.

And, more importantly, Chairwoman Stamforr. She told him he would not be allowed to proceed if he continued to talk about the former Yacht Haven property. But how wrre Cutler explain Stamfore the new boatyard should be in a different location than the old one You were so Stamford talking about what he had planned for the old property? Nevermind, Dell told him. No more talk about You were so Stamford the polluted property that had been Yacht Haven. Dell is herself a boat person.

One person familiar with the matter says she owns a boat and has "diamond-encrusted, anchor-shaped earrings. It was the worst I've ever been treated in 20 years of public meetings.

If I were a different kind of person, I would be angry," Cutler said afterward. Cutler never got to explain his design for the Bridgewater "campus. The green rooftops will make the buildings invisible from the sky.

And mirrors on the walls around the courtyard will disguise the You were so Stamford, reflecting only images of nearby trees, so that until you are actually in the buildings you won't see them. Instead, Cutler was told to sit down. He Stamfotd followed by a stream of Ohio women situation of SOBs. Boylan was their leadoff batter, followed by Penney Burnett, who warned that hedge funds "don't last long.

Then on and on it went, until around And it's not over. The board will meet again next week to hear additional speakers—most of whom are expected to oppose the development plans. Bridgewater is attempting to stay out of the fight, for now. A spokesperson said that the company is "excited about the prospect" of building You were so Stamford new headquarters but continues to evaluate "outstanding issues. When Cutler had dinner with Dalio recently, the two men only discussed weee headquarters project for "about 45 seconds," according to You were so Stamford.

You were so Stamford

He's a busy guy with a lot on his mind," Cutler said. A person familiar with the matter said that Bridgewater is "hedging its bets" and looking at different properties, just in case the Stamford location doesn't work out.

Some people backing the project believe that it will win approval from the planning You were so Stamford despite the vocal Yu.

Cutler's not coming back for the next meeting, scheduled for Aug. He said he has prior commitments.

But even if he was free, who would blame him for not You were so Stamford to climb back into the water with the Yoi people of Stamford? Follow him on Twitter Carney. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.

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